Focus and Scope

The International Journal of Accounting and Management Research (IJAMR) covers aspects related to Accounting and Management both in the application and the latest theory, under the auspices of the Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis Widya Gama Lumajang, East Java, Indonesia. Published bi-annual, March and September. The aim is to publish accounting and management research on issues that are relevant to world circumstances, which have practical implications for better business decision making and public policy formulation.

The following are some of the scopes of Accounting and Management scholarship that are recommended and cover this journal, although not limited to the following topics:

Accounting, covering research areas:

Financial Accounting, Government Sector, Village Funds, Forensics and Audit Fraud, Behavioral Accounting, Integrated Reporting, Environmental Accounting, Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Green Finance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Information Systems, Taxation, Public Sector.

Management, including research areas:

Green Human Resource Management, Green Marketing, Marketing Management, Entrepreneurship, Financial Management, Tourism, and Promotion Management, Behavior and Characteristics, Business Feasibility Study and Business Strategy.