Kedudukan Dan Prosedur Amdal Dalam Pengelolaaan Lingkungan Hidup


  • Muchamad Taufiq STIE Widya Gama Lumajang



Dimiciling and Proscedure Analyse Concerning Impact Environment (AMDAL) in Management of Environment Expected. Attendance of Code/Law Number 23 Year 1997 about Management of Environment Expected to bring fresh wind in Environment  Area Law of National commencing from the date of 19 September 1997. Code/Law Number 23 Year 1997 this here in after more knowledge with “UUPLH”.

Have is common / pulic is existence of a activity of development besides affecting positive lso can give negatif impact. Where as government as owner of attribution to give or refuse a application of environment permit shall have clear standart. Activity of development  which more and more to mount to contain contamination risk and mutilation  of environment  so that elementary  function  and structure  of ekosistem becoming supporter of life can destroy. Contamination and mutilation of that environment  will represent sosial burden, which is on finlly government  and society have to account the exp[ense of its cure.

One  of  the  fundamental  condition  a environmental  permit  can  be  published  to development  plan  industrial  and  any  construction  which  have  been  arranged clearly is Making of Document of AMDAL (PP No. 27 Year 1999).

Target of management  of environment  conducted  to : preventing  negatif impact, overcoming  and  controlling  negatif  impact  of  arising  out  and  improve  positive impact so that the impact give big benefit.

Reality in field to point out that existence of AMDAL as condition application  of environmental  permit do not be executed  better. For example  all “pemrakarsa” tend to conduct former construction  aktifitas, newly Document  of AMDAL made. Condition  that  way  not  true,  because  Document  of AMDAL,  RKL  and  of  UPL represent pregnant  and  environmental  guide  instrument  of  agreement  meaning when coming into contact with other society.

When problem appear on field, hence Document of AMDAL become importantly. Gift  procedure   of  permit   become   “channel   structure”   which  must  be  paid attention.  When Document  of AMDAL  not yet been made,  on the basis  of what governmental  publish  permit  ? Exactly  exsistence  of Document  of AMDAL  will very assisting


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