Kajian Hukum Terhadap Perselisihan Pemutusan Hubungan Kerja Secara Sepihak Pada Perusahaan


  • Muchamad Taufiq STIE Widya Gama Lumajang
  • Zainul Hidayat STIE Widya Gama Lumajang




Invite to invite number Republic of Indonesia: 2 year 2004 about connection disagreement  industrial  mention, " work connection  severance  disagreement  that disagreement    because   inexistence   same   as   opinion   hits   work   connection terminating that done by one of the parties" . Confirmed also in section 3 that, " connection    disagreement    industrial    obligatory    strived   for   the   completion beforehand   pass   negotiation   bipartite   upon   mutual   consensus   to   achieve agreement" .

Disagreement  ends in PHK most often if in character unilateral that is caused by boss and worker,  but importantest  analysis  to PHK caused by boss because  bot rarely laid  worker  position  as weak  side,  in pressure,  treated  inequitable,  also inhuman.

This watchfulness lifts troubleshoot about procedure PHK with legal consequences on phk unilateral that caused by boss.

This watchfulness  uses to approach law and regulation because this watchfulness to focus in applications  and analysis towards law and regulation related to work connection severance disagreement.

Law ingredient that used in this watchfulness covers primary law ingredient that is law  and  regulation   related   work   connection   severance   disagreement,   while secondary  law ingredient  covers  books  or literature  related  to work connection severance  disagreement   and  to  working.  Law  ingredient  collecting  technique passes book study, the essentials is registerred by using card system. method that used in law ingredient collecting snowball method.

Ingredient analysis is done to conclude deductively. use premis major, furthermore applied in unilateral work connection severance disagreement event in companies “premis minor”, furthermore pulled konklusi-.

Watchfulness to detect, realize, with analyze procedure PHK at company and legal consequences  PHK in company.  watchfulness  benefit  theoretically  be evaluation towards procedure  PHK found in invite to invite Number : 12 year 1964 so that can be made base law source repair to employed and the practise benefit reality law protection for worker so that created certainty principality and law justice


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